Monday, April 25, 2011

Baby Showers Take 2 & 3!

I was very fortunate and loved enough to have 3 showers for this baby of mine! The first you have already read about and the second was one thrown by the girls (and boy) at work! Everyone was so sweet.. but I only have a couple pictures.

My baby tub and goodies!

And this was my favorite. A client gave me this box filled with chocolate nuggets...haha get it? And a little baby rockstar onesie and tutu with a matching shirt for me. We were joking about all the funny and inappropriate things people could put their babies in, but she decided to give me something tame. (Although she did tell me she looked everywhere for baby size leather chaps hahaha.) I love it!

My 3rd shower was a family shower! The Roos' and Grows came together and we had a fabulous time.

I am overly obsessed with this little nautical outfit.

A quilt! A real live quilt! If you can't tell, Im very excited about this. Rebekah made it and she's super talented and I feel super lucky to have gotten one of her creations!
I need to take more pictures of the other handmade goods I have been given, because really, it's amazing. These women's talent and skills are off the charts and I am glad I (ok, the nugget) is benefitting from it!

Thank you again to everyone who came/hosted/gifted at my showers! We feel very fortunate to have you all in our life!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Baby Shower Take 1!

Well..that was fun. Apparently I'm really good at finishing what I start. :) Me thinks starting a challenge mid-pregnancy wasn't the best idea. Maybe one day I will finish those topics..but for now I will just blog about life. Lets see here.. I'm pregnant. Oh you didnt know? I've only got about 3 more weeks left.. and I might pee my pants. Not because I've lost control of the bladder, just because I feel completely unprepared and still in total denial. I think a wakeup call is coming my way. I did have a fabulous baby shower though with friends and family and our nugget got seriously spoiled! Here I am! My friend Shiloh and her sister made the cutest cake ever.. And a few of my talented girlfriends made this adorable diaper cake that I refuse to take apart yet! Jackson was a ham that day apparently... and Andee's twins were loved by all.

When I got home and unpacked and laid it all nursery had turned into a mini Babies-R-Us! We got so spoiled and I am so grateful!

This was all the handmade items we were given.. we are lucky to know so many talented women! A big thank you to Becca and Shiloh for hosting! It was such a great day...until afterwards..haha.

Thank you so much to everyone who came! And thank you for taking care of us and the nugget! We sure love you all! And thanks to Erica for taking pictures for me so the day could be properly remembered!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Blog Challenge: Day 19+

Life is busy these days. Good thing I like it. Let's continue with my blog challenge!

Topic: Disrespecting Your Parents

Ok. Some might say I'm not the ideal candidate to talk about disrespecting your parents. I suppose I went way against the cause when I completely disrepected their wishes and married someone they were 100% against. Here's the thing. I don't think of it that way. I was an adult and made my own decision and I'm quite happy with it.

I did however follow the basic concepts of respecting your parents. I never talked back. If they gave me a curfew or a house rule, I followed it. I had manners and showed appreciation for the things they did for me, even if it was just thanking them for buying my dinner when we went out. I would never speak to my parents the way I hear teens talk to their parents these days. I've never called them names. I still won't even swear in front of them (much..haha), let alone directed towards them. I won't disrepect the things they believe in, even if I believe differently.

I guess that's just being..polite? I just hate the way some people talk to their parents (or adults in general). I also hate the entitled attitude a lot of kids have towards their parents. My parents birthed me and raised me..they don't really owe me anything after that. I would never expect a car or a phone just because I was their kid. I worked for those things myself and I'm grateful I was taught the value of working for what you've got. I appreciate the things my parents have done for me.

Having respect for them as people.. that's a different game. You can be very polite and treat your parents with respect without actually respecting them. That part, I'm working on. :)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Blog Challenge: Day 18

I took a little break from blogging if you hadn't noticed. There have been lots of projects going on at my house this week so I was much more focused on those. On the plus side, those projects give me lots of things to blog about soon! Get excited.

I'm determined to finish my topic challenge though, so my next topic is: My Beliefs. It doesn't clarify what kind of beliefs, so I will tell you my basic life beliefs. :)

  1. Life is meant to be enjoyed.
  2. If french fries are wrong, I dont want to be right.
  3. Having good girlfriends makes a woman's quality of life better.
  4. Family is what you make, not always what you're given.
  5. Laughter is the cure to pretty much everything.
  6. Babies cheeks are meant to be eaten. Or at least kissed profusely.
  7. Money isn't everything.
  8. Snow should last only through December.
  9. Exercise is critical for mental health.
  10. Everyone should be married to their best friend.
  11. Sunshine and warmth is good for the soul.
  12. If you're going to do something, do it right.
  13. Having bad manners tells me you have a crappy character.
  14. Women can do anything men can do, and sometimes, do it better.
  15. If you're not willing to do the work for something, you're not entitled to complain that you dont have it.

I think that's a good start. I think that's a healthy manifesto to run my life by. Until next time my friends.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Blog Challenge: Day 17

Well hello friends! I'm glad you are reading..even if you're not commenting. I will keep on keeping on!

Today's challenge topic: My Highs and Lows of the Past Year
(I will try and remember the year chronologically haha)

  • Feb: We bought our first house!!
  • April: Enjoyed an awesome vacation with my hubby to Arizona
  • April: Got to watch my beautiful nugget niece McKenzie be born into the world
  • July: Ran a 10k..which is something I always wanted to do but never thought I would
  • August: Found out I was pregnant!
  • November: Went on a bucket list vacation along the California coast
  • All Year: First year of my life I have felt pretty much completely satisfied. I felt like things were moving in the direction I wanted them too, whether it was settling into a home, getting my weight and health on track, loving my job, enjoying a great relationship with my hubs or building our family together


  • Struggling with my parents not being a real part of my life.. this is forever ongoing I'm afraid
  • Struggling with being in a parenting role that I have no control over the outcome or decisions made...also forever ongoing
  • In June my Aunt died after a long battle with breast cancer
  • Had a corneal ulcer..that was the most miserable 3 days of my life.
  • Lilith Fair got cancelled at last heartbreak.

All in all, 2010 was a pretty great year. I can't complain seeing as I had to search through old Facebook posts to figure out my lows for the year. :)

Here's hoping 2011 is even better!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Blog Challenge: Day 16ish

I haven't been blogging everyday, but since no one is really reading, no one is noticing! So I'm going to go ahead and state that I may or may not blog everyday, but I will get through this topic challenge!

Today's topic is supposed to be my thoughts on mainstream music. But why the heck would I write about that? I like music, whether is mainstream, indie or other. If it's good, it's good and I support it. That's all.

So how about we talk about this whole pregnancy thing for a minute? I am now 29 weeks preggo. It's crazy to think that in about 11 weeks I will be a mom!! Weird. Luckily, it's been a really easy 7 months for me. I haven't been sick at all, I have no real discomfort, I don't even have cravings or food aversions. The only things I can't get away from is my growing body and the unrelenting exhaustion. I'm tired all the time. Working has been pretty easy. I don't get sore or tired while working, but as soon as I'm done with a long day, that's it. I need to put my feet up pronto and take a nap sometimes.

The nugget has been moving a lot lately and I can finally feel her all over the place. For a long time I only felt kicks WAY down low. Today when I was at the doctor she was moving all over the place while my midwife was trying to listen to her heartbeat. My midwife was like "Is it ALWAYS like this?" But no, it's not. Really that just happens when I lay back for some reason.

We haven't started on the nursery yet. We have been finishing the room in the basement for Jasmine. On Monday the carpet is getting installed and then it's on for the nursery! I can't wait to get all the stuff I have crammed in the office organized. It's driving me crazy.

Let's see..whats else might anyone care about? How about a little picture? We had to get two ultrasounds for safety's sake and when we went back for our follow up the tech put it in 4D mode for us on her face. It was totally unexpected but we saw right away that our nugget has Daniel's nose! We always joked that that was the one thing we could go for him not passing on but it looks like it's all hers! Oh, and the big lips are a given. :) Here's our little girl nugget at 20 weeks!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Blog Challenge: Days 14 and 15

Hello! I obviously have been AWOL all weekend. I just had a really long, busy, tiring weekend and didn't spend much time at the computer. Rest and sleep trumped blog.

But I'm back! I will write about days 14/15 today.

First: My First Memory

I don't really know. I have lots of memories from when I was a kid but none from when I was REALLY young. I remember most things in groups and can't discern age of when they individually happened. For example, one of my best memories is spending lots and lots of time at the beach growing up. We lived in Southern California, and my mom didn't work so we went to the beach a lot. I have very specific memories of different beaches, showering the sand off before we left, having competitions with my brothers who could pull the biggest hunk of seaweed on shore and so on. That's why I crave the beach so much as an adult.

I also remember spending a lot of time at the park. My Grandpa was very physically active and would go to the park every morning to run or walk laps. This particular park had stations along the outer path that you could stop and do exercises at, with pictures of the exercises at the station. I would run along with him and try my hardest to do the exercises but never could quite do it right.

We lived with my grandparents and every morning they would pick a grapefruit from the tree in our backyard, split it and each have half with a little sugar and a bowl of cereal. I loved it when they let me go out and pick the "best" one for them.

I remember being hit by a car when I was 6. That's the only memory I specifically remember my age. I was on my bike, trying to follow my older brother and his friend on their bikes. They crossed a busy street we were not allowed to be near, and instead of stopping, I tried to follow. I heard a loud screech and turned my head in time to see a car coming right at me, braking so hard I saw sparks come out the sides of the tires. It didn't hit me very hard, but hard enough to mangle my brand new bike and send my arm through the spokes and face into the pavement. I have no idea how I didn't break anything. The nice stranger who hit me carried me home (my house was 2 streets over) and I remember my mom opening the door with a horrified look on her face. I was later so scared of getting an xray they paid me 10 cents to lie still enough for it. Haha. Dimes are in high demand when you're 6.

I remember my mom coming into my room every night and singing a song to me and tickling my tummy before falling asleep. My mom was good to her babies. I miss that mom.

Oh and Patrick Swayze bought a house for his mom at the top of my street. I loved him when I was little so when I heard this I wrote him a love letter and hand delivered it to his mom. She told me I was the cutest thing ever and that she would get me an autographed picture for me, but I never went back. I was upset that Patrick wasn't there. He was probably off Dirty Dancing somewhere.

Is it weird that I don't remember specific things from when I was very young? I think it's a little bit sad...

On to our next topic. The original idea was to list my favorite Tumblrs, but I have no idea what that is, so I'm gonna go ahead and change that. I saw something Emily did the other day on her blog that I will just steal. :)

I am...woman, hear me roar.
I have a healthy pregnancy resulting in healthy baby.
I have...a wonderful life.
I wish...I was lying on the beach.
I hate...bad manners.
I fear...being a bad mom.
I search...ksl classifieds for a dresser everyday..haha.
I wonder...if the nugget will look anything like me. Judging the ultrasound..not so much.
I regret...not being more upfront with my parents.
I husband. And french fries. And chocolate.
I ache...a lot in my feet and a little in my heart.
I always...drink ice water.
I usually...leave my house way later than i should to get to work when I should.
I am not...skinny. i got the wrong genes for that one. thanks Dad.
I my living room with my husband..and sometimes for clients.
I sing...all the damn time.
I the dishes. I have the best husband ever.
I sometimes...get really mad about things I cant change.
I cry...a lot. Its really annoying.
I am not always...good at faking it. Moods I mean.
I lose...patience quickly.
I am how my Mom can be so.. just so.
I need...a big deep jetted tub.
I should...start letting go.