Monday, April 25, 2011

Baby Showers Take 2 & 3!

I was very fortunate and loved enough to have 3 showers for this baby of mine! The first you have already read about and the second was one thrown by the girls (and boy) at work! Everyone was so sweet.. but I only have a couple pictures.

My baby tub and goodies!

And this was my favorite. A client gave me this box filled with chocolate nuggets...haha get it? And a little baby rockstar onesie and tutu with a matching shirt for me. We were joking about all the funny and inappropriate things people could put their babies in, but she decided to give me something tame. (Although she did tell me she looked everywhere for baby size leather chaps hahaha.) I love it!

My 3rd shower was a family shower! The Roos' and Grows came together and we had a fabulous time.

I am overly obsessed with this little nautical outfit.

A quilt! A real live quilt! If you can't tell, Im very excited about this. Rebekah made it and she's super talented and I feel super lucky to have gotten one of her creations!
I need to take more pictures of the other handmade goods I have been given, because really, it's amazing. These women's talent and skills are off the charts and I am glad I (ok, the nugget) is benefitting from it!

Thank you again to everyone who came/hosted/gifted at my showers! We feel very fortunate to have you all in our life!

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Nay said...

The best dressed little nugget in town! She's the luckiest to have you for a mommy!